Our Cute Monster Has 42 Teeth and It wont bite!

Microsoft Blue Monster Patent Version
Software Patent Battle ground hots up

Image modified from Hugh MacLeod’s gapingvoid.com bluemonster series

It might annoy a few good geeks but I guess that is exactly the point of the Bluemonster.


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5 Responses to Our Cute Monster Has 42 Teeth and It wont bite!

  1. gapingvoid says:

    Saying “All software should be free” is like saying “All writing should be free”.

    Sure, it might sound good, from a practical point of view it’s an ridiculous position to hold.

  2. gapingvoid says:

    [Afterthought:] Of course, saying all software/writing should be paid for is an equally ridiculous postition to hold 🙂

  3. labsji says:

    Dear GapingVoid,
    That was insightful. But you are missing the humor 🙂
    From the flickr discription of the image:

    The blue monster is not just popular with the geeks that slog writing tons of code within Microsoft.
    Now it is very popular with the legal team at M$ as well. Horacio Gutierrez, top notch lawyer at MSFT is seen handing out biz cards with the blue monster on it. The legal team with more than hundred people all over the globe is ga ga with posters and other stuff with the bluemonster on it.

    “I even sent a (legal) notice to Bill G with the blue monster on it” said a legal hotshot wannabe at Micro$oft.

    When asked if it is a live( I mean vile) threat to freedom, the legal team members quipped: “It is just a paper monster!”

    -Balaji S.

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  5. labsji says:

    @Boycott Novell, And from comments at gapingvoid, it is clear it is all about choices.

    I guess the software industry will mature and become sophisticated as Fashion Design(garment) industry: There is a huge luxary market playing on the choice of the customer. It might make sense for Microsoft or any other biggies to leave the bare essentials to open source and foucs on the “luxary” segment what ever it may be.

    Maybe, gapingvoid with all the English Cut insights can bring in something to the table for the top management too.

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