TwitterLit: An fun money machine by Debra Hamel withTwitter and Amazon

I came across TwitterLit when TwitterLit befriended me in Twitter. I was simply amazed by the ingenuity and the simplicity of the service and the underlying sustainability of the effort.

TwitterLit’s tag-line says, “Twittering the first lines of books so you don’t have to” and further discloses: “Full Disclosure:TwitterLit is an Amazon affiliate. The links that appear in the posts/tweets point to, and they contain TwitterLit’s affiliate ID. Sales resulting from clicks on those links will profit TwitterLit.”

It is a wonderful application of the Twitter medium. Given that the opening line of any book will be interesting, it will fit withing the constraints of the 160 char limit( mostly) and there is a possibility of including Amazon Associate id in the url, etc. All well thought out and well executed( with widgets that goes in blogs!)
I will not be surprised if Debra Hamel automates the looking into the ‘Search Inside’ feature of
and posting the first line twice daily using Amazon Mturk. And further automate the choice of the books to be looked into using Mturk again and Amazon ECS service.
Wicked smart! Hat Tip to Debra!
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Bonus Links:
C C Chapman of Crayon( with office in SL) has suggestions for out of the box twitter applications.


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3 Responses to TwitterLit: An fun money machine by Debra Hamel withTwitter and Amazon

  1. Debra Hamel says:

    Thanks so much for the mention!

  2. C.C. says:

    It’s thanks to this post that I now know about TwitterLit and I love the concept and the approach. I instantly became a friend.

    Also, thanks for the link love.

    I’m at if anyone needs to find me there.

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