Seth Godin to visit India? Welcome Seth!

Seth Godin attempts to reform the Indian Government presence abroad. I’m impressed by the tounge in check remark and practical suggestions by Seth to Maximize benefits rather than minimize cost.

More interesting will be the upcoming visit by Seth. Looking forward to that!

How many purple cows will he find in the streets? At the frindges of posh IT parks part of landscape of every major city worth its name?
Will he be stuck for words at the culture and contradictions? I’m waiting to see his “Remarkable” observations in India.
Seth Godin Grave Stone

Bonus Link: Seth Godin’s unforgiveable manifesto


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3 Responses to Seth Godin to visit India? Welcome Seth!

  1. markiv says:

    its pretty sad that the face of the country (mine) has to reek such a bad flavor… but well, seth purple or not, a promise of quite a bit of cows!!!

  2. I am too looking forward to Seth’s visit to India. I want to hear his observations about my country. Gotta subscribe to his feed. 🙂

  3. debashish says:

    “tounge in check”? What’s that?

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