Microbrand, Micropublishing

Recently I came across blog post that are must read anyone following the blog/web2.0 trend.

Hugh McLeod on Stormhoek Microbrand building
I love #15:

15. It took two years, but Stormhoek is finally starting to feel like working for a Silicon Valley startup. Everyone is really pumped up. Contrast this with the average staid, boring schtick of your average “gentlemanly” wine business.

and #6,7:

6. Two years ago, I estimated that a well-executed Web 2.0 marketing plan would take about two years to execute. In retrospect, that was a pretty good call.

7. Yes, I understand that not everybody has two years to play with. Some people are only as good as their last financial quarter. But that is why I work for a small, private company. If Stormhoek was owned by Wall Street, I’d be dead meat.

In Defense of Twitter: Tweets as historical artifacts:

…Why do you think we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? It’s not merely because people are historically myopic, it’s because historical evidence as it is presented is full of holes, missing experience, context and depth.

it is merely a tool (140 characters at a time tool). The amazing thing about Twitter is that it has a great, low barrier to publishing for me and many others. The printing press was a tool that started to democratize the publishing of information and the internet made this even more possible.

How about building a Microbrand using Micropublishing(Twitter)?


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