Mturk + Opensource Process = ?

1)The code opensource movement initiated by RMS resulted in Linux which culminated into many things including Wikipedia.

2) J P Rangaswami( Confused of Calcutta) in his on going four pillars discourse talks about Opensourcing processes.

3) I’m presently very excited about working with DesiCrew on application of Amazon Mturk for advancing their mission.

The three things above is ringing a bell in me with force and I’m shaken by the power of the idea.

I see a parallel here. The building blocks of the GNU project viz. the Gcc, Emacs, bison, and other g-tools served as a building block for Linux to happen. Similarly, web2.0 tools particularly Mturk( to some extent even Twitter) could possibly be the backdrop for the bold new enterprise era where process are opensourced. May be I’m too excited and carried away by the fads. Yet more I think about it, more I see the parallel.

What if a bank becomes totally transparent. ( Inspired by Dr Nachiket Mor of ICICI Bank’s talk at Madras Management Association(MMA) yesterday )

Or better still, Governments become totally transparent!

I’m dreaming a new age with totaly transparent goverment. And it is as feasible as Wikipedia! Or someone wake me up.

PS: Mturk is the eyeball equivalent for the open process to work!


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2 Responses to Mturk + Opensource Process = ?

  1. Very interesting, I blog some on mTurk and am rather interested on how DesiCrew plans to use it. I assume that information is NDA right now, otherwise please email me. cracell AT gmail DOT com

  2. Badri says:


    I thought i could read about Nachiket mor’s talk at MMA but i was slightly disappointed.

    Utopia is always fascinating and exciting!! Better that nobody wakes u up!

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