Think Pink( Bluemonster!)

Sriram Krishnan [MSFT] is a little miffed that gapingvoid Bluemonster is featured in the Wikicamp Booklet.
bluemonster on wikicamp booklet

I thought a logical discussion with The Argumentative Indian(that too from MSFT) is not going to get us anywhere useful. So I’m responding with a video rather than words. It is bit crude but still serves the purpose of driving the point across!

Very crudely, the bluemonster roams the desert( the old scarcity economy) and arrives at the much cooler web2.0 space and turns green and spins. In the churn it turns pink(o) and flies free in the land of plenty( surplus economy) and transforms itself into a symbol of enlightenment! ( PS: Pink = Community/Social/Inclusive/Grassroot)

Thanks Maha of upsl for quickly cooking up the video using secondlife.

Update(09 May 07): Steve Clayton( Geek in disguise) is calling for a wiki for/by Microsoft partners at UK and wants it to spread organically worldwide!
And some Jihadi Am Bush( pun intended) on opensource – wow interesting!
opensource is religion

Bonus link:
Pink approach for a green cause.


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I blog, Therefore I exist ! Funny things are funny to me. Cool things are cool to me. Innovations tick me. I attempt spirituality religiously :)
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