Reach out to larger number of Innovators: Dr. T Ramasami, DST

“I want a lot more innovations and innovations to be identified and supported throught the TePP program” is what Dr T Ramasami, Secretary, DST expressed while he was explaining the significance of the program at a press meet. Explaining the salient aspects of the program, he said it is very essential to support individual innovators and grass root innovators to acheive inclusive growth. The press meet was organized as part of Indian Science Congress 2007, Pride of India Exhibition. The TePP innovators were featured in the ‘Creative India’ pavilion.

Creative India Press Meet

Answering a query form the press on how many innovations are supported so far( some 200 innovations are actively supported by the program), he suggested a dramatic increase in the number of innovators to be supported. ‘Only with volume, impact can be realized’ he quipped.
Dr T Ramasami, DST making a pointEarlier he went around the pavilion and interacted with all the innovators. Responding to the innovations presented in the exhibition, he said he is inspired and encouraged by the energy and spirit of the innovators.

It was a pleasure to explain the the ‘inclusive development’ aspect of my Paper File Tracking work. He gave a pat with a ‘Going Hi Tech …??’
Me explaining paper file tracking.
Prove your Idea with a Prototype.
TePP/Dsir Home Page.
TePP Blog at Blogspot.


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    Good coverage , liked it.

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