Annamalai University Rocks as part of Indian Science Congress 2007

The organizers of the Indian Science Congress 2007 at Annamalai University have done their homework well. It is well organized, there is no chaos at the registration desk. The networked computers that run the registration made it a breeze for the pre-registred delegates. With the pre-registred delegates taken care the spot registrants were easy to handle. The entire workforce of the university is ensuring that the arrangements are very somooth.
The accomodations were well planned and available in plenty. And the toilets and baths are cleaned regularly.

The food and related hospitality are excellent. The breakfast was a full south indian fare with badam halwa as dessert. Chettinadu hospitality working overtime!
food court indian science congress
The security arrangements were meticulous and planned such that it does not disturb the movement of ordinary delegates.
UPDATE(05 Jan 2007): The food arrangement during lunch is very bad. There is so much queue and no alternative source of food available!

On the exhibition front IIT Mumbai Director, Dr Prof Ashok Misra came to our Creative India Pavilion( DSIR, TePP) and released the Calender 2007 with photos of all the innovators.
IIT Mumbai Director releasing the Innovator Calender 2007

He also visited my stall and explained all about my Paper File Tracking:
Paper File Tracking Explained...
More as the action happenes….


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