Monetizing your Blogger Blog with Text Link Ads: Three easy Steps

Text Link Ads is a simple and effective way to monetize your Blog. Now with the power of RSS feed you can feature TLA in the new Blogger. ( If figured it out a while back and clued Patrick Gavin in. He was too happy to implement it and make it available to Bloggers as a new year gift!)

Here are easy steps to get your Text Link Ads working in Blogger.

Step 1: Migrate to New Blog*Spot( Blogger -All New*) and Choose a Template

When you log in to your blogger account, you will be given the option the migrate to the New Blogger. Just walk the steps. You will be asked to sign up for a Google Account if you don’t have one already. The basic migration does not alter your Blogger blog in any way.

For Text Link Ads to work( With Blogger), we are going to use the Page Element feature of the New Blogger. Log onto your New Blogger. From the Dashboard migrate to the new Template as below:
blogger beta template

From your Blogger Beta Dashboard, Click on the ‘Template’ link pertaining to your Blog. It is a good idea to save the old template. Blogger provides an option to revert back to your old template in case you are not satisfied.

Once you have chosen a new template, you will be able to add New Page Element by clicking on ‘Layout’ link in the Blogger Dashboard.
Blogger Beta Page Element

When you are able to see a page like above, you have successfully migrated to the New Blog*Spot with Templates. You are 50% done on your way to display Text Link Ads on your Blog*Spot Blog.

Bonus Links:

Blogger Beta Templates:

3-Column Template from HOCTRO

3-column templates for Blogger Beta from Hackosphere

Blogger Beta Templates by Beautiful Beta

Vivek’s Useful Tips on Several Blogger Beta Aspects

Step 2: Get Your Text Links Sold::Sign up for Publisher Account with TLA(Free)

This obvious step for signing up for a publisher account might take a while. But the effort of signing up and the wait are well worth it. Imagine you can rent out links and earn money month-on-month for it!

Step 3: Install TLA in your Blog
Login to New Blogger Dashboard, Click on the ‘Layout’ it will take your to ‘Add and Arrange Page Elements’ page.

Locate ‘Add a Page Element’ link and click it: A pop up window with ‘Choose a New Page Element’ will appear. Locate the item named ‘Feed’ and click on the ‘ADD TO BLOG’ tab. This will pop up yet another window with ‘Configure Feed’ on it.
Feed URL
It will prompt for the Feed URL. Just copy paste the Feed URL from your TLA publisher account and press ‘Continue’.

It will show a preview of the ads, Press ‘Save Changes’ and you are done!

Now enjoy the cash!

PS: For those wondering why the hell am I blogging about it here, here are the reasons:
I made a small presentation about Blog Widgets in the BlogCamp Chennai. I was experimenting with widgets and this is where it took me.

It gives me immense satisfaction to note that I figured out the method of featuring the ads in blogger first. All this small economic churn due to Bloggers selling ads and others buying them is sparked off by me!


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4 Responses to Monetizing your Blogger Blog with Text Link Ads: Three easy Steps

  1. dale says: allow the bloggers to make some extra money through recommended products directly from within their blogs, and hopefully directing their readers to the some online retailers. As such, the respective blogger would receive a commission from any sales generated through referrals!

  2. makubex says:

    Thats great, will use on a few of my new Blogger blogs!

  3. John Andrew says:

    Great article, I actually use Adsense on my blogspot blogs

  4. John Andrew says:

    I’ve tried to install Text-Link-Ads on my blog, and it only appears there “Sponsors” but no ads. And another questions…with what’s better Text-Link-Ads than Adsense?

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