Indian Science Congress 2007, Annamalai Univ Jan 3-7 2007

The 94th session of Indian Science Congress is set to take place at Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Chidambaram dist, Tamil Nadu from Jan 3-7 2007. The theme of the congress is “Planet Earth”, inspired by the International Year of Planet Earth – Earth Science for the Society.

As usual the congress is organized by the Indian Science Congress Association. Program highlights include, innaugration by the Prime Minister, and address by the President of India.

There will also be a Children’s Science Congress and a Scinece Exhibition( also known as Pride of India Exhibition).

A little clarification is needed on the venue front- originally the science congress was set to take place at the Amity Univ at Noida. Midway, they decided to host it at Annamalai University in Tamilnadu. Information in the website is sparse and the website itself is a simple image dump of the printed brochure.

I’m planning to attend the Pride of India Exhibition like last year and the exhibition organizer is yet to list the event in their website.

Interestingly, there are tour packages to Navagragha Temple( Temples dedicated to Demi gods representing the planets) offered as part of the Science Congress official tour! You figure out how it fits or missfits with the theme 🙂


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7 Responses to Indian Science Congress 2007, Annamalai Univ Jan 3-7 2007

  1. Nanyaar? says:

    sounds interesting

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  3. dhalapathy says:


    i need the papers which is presented in this Science congress. Also i want the coverage of the all speakers and to show the interesting events also.

  4. john says:

    dear dalapathy u may get those requested

  5. Dr. D. K. Pandey says:

    Dear Sir,
    My presentation was in Section “Agriculture and Forestry Science”. The title was “Phytotoxicity of tropical sosa apple (Solanum viarum Dunal) seed residue on aquatic weeds” by D. K. Pandey, Physiology Section, National Research Centre for Weed Science, ICAR, Maharajpur, Jabalpur 482004, M.P.” I would be grateful to any one who sends me photocopy of my article as it appeared in the proceedings plus front cover photocopy of the proceedings booklet.
    Thanks to all who help me by this.
    Dr. D. K. Pandey

  6. K.Arvind says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am K.Arvind, who participated in the 94th Indian National Science Congress which was held in the Annamalai Univercity between 3-7 2007.
    I won the first price with Tushar Shah(my partner) for the students competition.
    I have not got my certificate of me getting the first price(In All India).
    It is really Important for me.

  7. labsji says:

    Dear Aravind,
    Have you contacted TREC-STEP? They were the coordinating agency.

    -Balaji S.

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