A room full of Mr Bean: BlogCamp Rocks on Day 1

BarCamp opened with a short talk by Kiruba the key organizer, describing BlogCamp as ‘Organized Chaos’. Funny enough the ‘organized ‘ sounded like organized as in ‘organized crime’. As per the plan, chaos there was plenty, it was like a roomful of Mr Bean doing their antics. My Mr Bean quirk was sitting in a WiFi zone without a WiFi device( Aside: one of the interns in the office decided to put my NetGear WiFi device to better use elsewhere and so I am WiFi challenged!)

Then it was Atul Chitnis’s turn to fiddle with the hornet’s nest by bringing up the topic of disabling comments in his dino blog. It did not create the necessary effect though. It was nice drama to watch the topic being struck off the physical wiki perhaps due to Atul showing up a bit late, Dina not pinged by Atul in time.

Before that there was a shout out like session on how ‘Blogging changed your life’ Dina and Neha had some real interesting real story to tell. Then it degenerated into people talking about their pets, toe nail, wife and girl fri.en.ds

Then it was promotion of BlogStree.com by Veer Chandra Bothra. Beaten by Technorati( Veer says Blogstreet got out of that business) blogstreet is into tracking Indian blogs. There were some interesting statistics. And a lament that blog is so PC centric and PC penetration is still so poor. Here is a strange situation for sponsors, they cannot grind their axe in an unconference, but blogstreet which is not a sponsor gets away with it. I am confused here.

Then it was Jace( Kiran) discussing Conversation. He was raving about livejournal and inadvertently promoting Six Apart. Small talk’s role in the conversation aspect was very interesting. ICICI sucks seems like a pet peeve that got addressed by ICICI amply. Conversations are about fragments and snippets culminating into something interesting and authoritative. Unlike the one shot 4000 word ‘well researched’ article by BrickyPedia.

Then I went to the Geeky Session track. Where there was bit one sided religious war between WordPress and Blogger. There was enough chaos in the demos and sound bites like: “I need a flickr account; Your Yahoo Id is your flickr account…; do you have password for this account…”

As usual Aswin was confidently defending(on templates) WordPress like: “WordPress allows you to edit CSS…”. I don’t know what the N00B users though, but it was very funny for me.

The best metaphor of the day was by Aswin( again on templates) was: “Just like we humans like to wear different cloths daily, blogs got templates to wear” Good show Aswin!

Lunch was good. It was good opportunity to network.

Then there was collobrative blogging session. It was a case of moderators/session coordinators hogging. Inadvertent of course! Dina, Neha, Peter are passionate about it. And it shows. Too bad they happen to be session coordinators too. My observation was Neha realized it and whispered it to Peter and order( that is chaos) restored. I’m used to geeks doing this kind of things. Watching ‘non geeks’ doing it was like watching couple of chubby ‘Suese Derkins’ and a Charlie Brown mashup. Wisdom that emerged out of the session was: “I don’t know”, “Self Organizing is better”, “Stay out of the way”, and “There must be scope for subgroups, and subgroups with counter/anti culture”

Then there was open source blogging by Scott Carney who obviously is from abroad as he passionately thinks RTI can be used to get day to day information. Soon he will realize that RTI will go the way of PIL. Hmm, there is this ChennaiOneEyedBaby tag effort… let us see…( Aside: Scott(confused looking): “How to give a Tag?” very funny)

Then there was a pitch by www.merinews.com which was feeble. I’dont understand their business model. Well they are sponsors. give them a hi fi!

Then it was ramanujamp.blogspot.com/ going through the motion of presenting his case for group blogging.

Then there was a really really well done well ordered session by Amit Agarwal on making money with blogging.

Then it went on to SEO and SEM. They deserve a full post. But it seems, cribbing about boss is a good bet to get traffic!

I’m skipping the beach party coz it is Mahalya Paksham. If you don’t understand it don’t bother!


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I blog, Therefore I exist ! Funny things are funny to me. Cool things are cool to me. Innovations tick me. I attempt spirituality religiously :)
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4 Responses to A room full of Mr Bean: BlogCamp Rocks on Day 1

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  2. Hi,

    Nice post. Ain’t that an honest post! Keep it up, man. We all have passionately scripted about BlogCamp being a great experience both in terms of fun and learning. Then I come here and smell fidayeen spirit, though not that subversive.

    However, I will also add that chaos is an intrinsic part of all events. It’s just that we anticipated chaos and got a little creative about it.

    However, as per my presentation, I had promised the upload the PPT on “Powerful tactics to increase blog traffic” as soon as I was back in Delhi. You can find it here – http://blog.pagetraffic.com/blogcamp.ppt

  3. labsji says:

    Thanks Om for putting out the presentation. It was simple and easy to read, and covers all important aspects of helping your audience discover your content.

    Indeed chaos is creativity stimulant, as evident from my creative exploration

    As you said in your blog, BlogCamp spirit lingers.

    BTW, I got interrupted while interacting with you on the sidelines. The question I was about to ask you was ‘Is there GapingVoid like blog based marketing efforts going on in India, you being a pro-SEO/SEM company will you be interested in doing a gig like that, or will you be able to recommend someone who will be competent and interested in doing such an effort’

    Thanks and regards.

    -Balaji S.

    PS: Bonus question for SEO/SEM- How do you cash in on the spelling mistakes in search terms and in content?

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