Risk Capital in Social Entrpreneurship: Deploy Now and Dominate

Polishing Snowballs
Sramana Mitra has written an article in her site about Venture Capital In India. It talks about build up of capital not only by the heavy weight players like IBM, Intel, SAP, Microsoft but also by Risk Capital Players like Matrix Partners, Sequoia, Westbridge Capital, Kleiner Perkins, NEA, Norwest, Battery, Sierra, Canaan Partners, Helion VC, Erasmic. And traces where the risk capital will be deployed.
The article also has her usual quota of crib about not finding good early stage ventures to fund. And how a $200,000 salary in a multi national company is a major deterrent to entrepreneurship.

The Missing piece in her Jig Saw is Social Entrepreneurship that directs market forces to solve domestic problems and create huge markets and opportunities in the process.
Every stakeholder in the Indian market wants( needs?) it. Simply put, every stakeholder want to put more money in the pockets of the huge masses in the sub-middle class and middle class:
1) Masses want/need it( Hey it is their pocket!).
2) Big companies( TATA, Reliance, and friends) want/need it.
3) Government and people who hold its strings want/need it(vote bank, better tax collection)

Now the time is ripe in terms of economic momentum and in terms of technology momentum. Add risk capital to the equation: An unique window to dominate the scene for next 25 years is opening up for the early players. The early ( risk capital) players can set the ground rules, and rule the roost; Just like how they ruled the roost at Silicon Valley the past 25 years.

More than anything the aspirations of avarage Indian is a big driving force and risk capital players fulfill and sustain it and in the process get rooted in the asset class. Await a detailed post when I get the time to rant about it.


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