Cambrian House: A Landmark company,concept in making

Cambrian House is s Crowd Sourcing network for software ideas and implementation. A flash animation of How It Works captures the concept much better than words. There is a whole lot of lisp going on there and that will be a key ingredient for success. And they are community driven, yet have dedicated team that will take care of the implementation details. This community driven + dedicated team that uses lisp is a deadly combination: That is why they are worth watching. The team looks interesting and fun too( you get your own locker when you work there – way cool!)They already got a portfolio of software products to showcase. Which is cool.

When successful, they will enter the computing history books like Apple, Microsoft, Google, FSF, Flickr. This is not a built to filip play: this is built to keep, grow, game change play.

How the license and royalty equations pan out is going to be interesting. It requires very creative balance of opensource, community and business. If MySQL can do it, why not extend it, evolve it with Web2.0 trend?

As usual Cartoon Courtesy Hugh:
Crazy Alien With Hollywood Ambition


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2 Responses to Cambrian House: A Landmark company,concept in making

  1. JR says:

    Hiya Balaji,

    I love your blog! Social entrepreneur, adventurer, investor. You are the type of person we are looking for in the universe when we built Cambrian House.

    Why not submit an idea and take us for a test drive?

    At a minimum I would really love any feedback you may have on our startup/entrepreneur blog (spefically our eating fear blog on raising capital).

    All the best Balaji. Stay cool in Chennai.


  2. labsji says:

    There is an interesting crowd sourcing + professional – Pro-Am experiment proposed in the News reporting space: Here.

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