Indian SME, Global MicroBrand: IFMR talk by Shukla of Nahak

This week I attended a talk by Mr. J. C. Shukla CEO – Nahak Overseas Limited on Road Map for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to become Global Player – An ICT Application at IFMR Chennai.

The promise made by Nahak:

We also work on developing and implementing self-sustaining and replicable concepts & models and then implementing it for human sufferings and poverty alleviation. We are doing this activity on not-for-profit basis and keen to work and adapt it for any part of the world, to address problems related to poverty and human sufferings. We are actively working on removal of blood shortage and corneal blindness model and also highway rescue project, which are all ICT for development projects

And a very strong recommendation by Adel Varghese took me there.

The presentation was not very interesting but the interactions at the sidelines were really cool.
What is exciting is that Mr Shukla is well rooted with the Small and Medium Enterprises in the Gujarat region. He is slowly enticing his SME clients to use ICT, Internet and technology in general to explore the global markets. Though he did not mention it, the spirit is very much about creating Global Microbrands powered by the emerging Four Pillars.

On the sidelines he was talking about a EBay+ Amazon kind of Portal that will use 60,000 Rural Representatives as Search, Aggregation, Conversation, Fulfilment agents. And he is pitching it to the aggressive ICICI bank which is very upbeat on microfinance, microlending, use of technology, hire-and-fire perform-or-perish agents.( Aside: I know a lot of people with a ton of woes to pour out about ICICI Bank) These agents will marshell economic activity creating employment and prosperity across full spectrum of participants. If this really kicks off, I will forgive Mr Shukla for coining words like Co-mpetition( Cooperating with Competitor) and suggesting SMEs to form multi-lateral partnerships etc.

This topdown model was in contrast to the Bottom Up model discussed by Mr Joseph Antony of BITSUNAMI Joseph has a lot of field experience and was skeptical of the top down approach.

Too bad we did not have a networking session: I missed getting to know Dr G Balasubramanian, reestablish my contact with the TANSTIA-FNF, and get to know IFMR regulars like Prethi Rao.

PS: I was surprised to find out that Mr Shukla represented his company in the WSIS especially in the context of my earlier post.

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