Testing Amazon Mturk; Warning: Social Snack Ahead!

Today I am trying my hand at the Amazon Mturk. I am making test Mturk Request to get a feel of how the tasks get done, the type of attention and quality of attention that can be realized from Mturkers.

This is part of a my fascination towards Amazon AWS in general and Mturk in particular. If this is successful, I am planning to run a series called ‘Too Many Truks’ to rhyme with ‘Too Many Cooks’.

In that Turkers will be asked to suggest parts of snack recipes. They will be asked to suggest ingredients of their choice, asked to suggest processing of the ingredients. They might even be asked to vote on the most wacky recipe that has evolved. And if there is enough interest, there will be Mturk tasks to actually make the recipie. Here we are getting dangerous. And to top it all with a cherry, the snack will be served(by a Mturker of course!) to a Longtail local celebrity and asked to taste/rate the snack.
Note worthy things tested in the exercise will be 1) Wisdom of the crowd, 2) Making Mturker collaborate on a task, 3) Taking it to the real physical world.

Update: I am simply amazed by the speed and the quality of the response I got from the Mturkers. The Social Snack aka Pinko Snack project is On! Anyone interested to be Partners in Crime?
Does it come withcarbs
As always Cartoon Courtesy Hugh.


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