Creating Passionate Users; Q:A-list howto?; A:Natural, Well Balanced

Kathy Sierra is asking why her blog made it to the A-list. This is the wonder of blogging, bloggers and all thing co-creation:The amature getting really good at it thingy. Like you play a game naturally and suddenly you find that you are winning; You speak naturally and you find that there are fans around you saying thay you are witty.

Be it Code like a girl or If Tech Companies Made Sudoku or Conversational writing kicks formal writing’s ass there is an element of well balanced wisdom packaged with humour. And it is just natural.

In my experience, Creating Passionate Users is part of my staple diet bcoz it is well balanced. Good mix of geek stuff+ marketing stuff+ sprinkled with good images. It is like a time tested favourite treats like say a Kulfi or a Rasgulla, the ingredients are well blended so well that you cannot meke them out in the output. These were not designed by food are recipe experts but they evolved naturally with the help of experts ofcourse. Like that, CPU is a well balanced treat where it is a outpouring of passion. While passion is an important ingredient, the output has its own unique taste.

So what is the tip/recipie for making it to the A-list: CPU happens to be an apple pie/Kulfi/Rasagulla( substitute your fav treat). If you get the recipie treat analogy here, then you have made my day!

Here is something funny/practical/natural, etc whatever typical of CPU:

[To those of you who are just dying to add the snarky-but-uncreative “because blog readers are stupid” or “you must have had sex with an A-lister” kind of answer, don’t bother. It’s my blog, and I’ll consider those unhelpful/off-topic. And besides, I’ll just have my new Blog Bouncers Leisa Reichelt (design blog), Rick Turoczy (marketing blog), and James Sherrett (all-around good guy) toss you ; )]

And here is the cartoon curtesy Hugh
happyness is


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I blog, Therefore I exist ! Funny things are funny to me. Cool things are cool to me. Innovations tick me. I attempt spirituality religiously :)
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2 Responses to Creating Passionate Users; Q:A-list howto?; A:Natural, Well Balanced

  1. James says:

    are you sure about that? Because I had different results actually..

  2. Rob says:

    Merry Christmas 🙂

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