BarCamp covered in The Hindu by Meera Mohanty

Today in The Hindu Metro Plus, Ms Meera Mohanty covered the BarCampChennai, in time for BarCampMumbai and BarCampPune!
It is Titled “Where Geeks Get Together
Here are some interesting snippets:

These open agenda, open participation hang-outs for techies and geeks (discuss cars or Frisbees if you please), like all ingenious ideas, caught on. And how! A little more than six months after the first event in Palo Alto, California, in August 2005, Delhi hosted the first Asian BarCamp early this March. In early April, Chennai and Hyderabad, followed by Bangalore, hosted their own events. Mumbai’s BarCamp is scheduled for May 13.

BarCamp wasn’t just a place to learn about setting up a successful Web product, mobile computing, entrepreneurship, python (not a reptile) or ruby (not a gem). If you attended venture capitalist Karthikeyan S’s talk, it was also about how to get smart ideas funded.

A fortnight later:

Having received considerable encouragement, Ganesh of has decided to invest more time and money into his stock blog.

Kiruba Shankar ( and K. Shyam ( have cycled down from Bangalore to Chennai, and in true BarCamp spirit it’s an open adventure and you’re free to join them. “I’ve since become a big believer in collaborative work,” says Kiruba.

Aswin who met Shyam at BarCamp, now gets regular tips, advice and encouragement one of the lead developers of YahooPOPs, an open source initiative that mSync depends on.

Here is the salvo:

Abhinav Goyal writes about a new life ( “Something somewhere having shifted,” he says, and credits the transformation to the positive “energy of the people at BarCamp Chennai.” And he writes “Secondly, there was the beach…. I think what I gained this weekend was a formula to beat the mindlessness that the daily routine sometimes brings along with it. … and this weekend, I learnt how to just wash it all away with a smile in ankle-deep water.”

Kiruba’s emali alert for people in the mailing list sums up the coverage more crisply:

Meera Mohanty landed at the BarCamp on the second day. She spent a long time at the barcamp and that’s visible at the quality of reporting. Amongst all the BarCamp articles that I’ve read, this one is definitely one of the most informal and interesting article.

Cheers BarCampChennai, RockOn BarCampMumbai and BarCampPune!


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