How a small thing can change your life

I was reading a Amazon short I bought using my mturk earnings. It is a story of how a whim about a Luggage can transform a persons life:
Amazon Short: A Man and His Luggage: Leather As a Life Imperative

It starts with:

In the autumn of 1960 I was a boy copywriter at BBDO, earning seventy dollars a week. (It is a measure of my value to the agency that my secretary was earning eighty dollars a week.) One morning there appeared in the New York Times a full-page ad for the now-departed Abercrombie & Fitch, introducing its acquisition of a line of Italian luggage called “Whip di Roma.” On my lunch hour I wandered across Madison Avenue and was boggled to find a sea of gorgeous honey-colored leather stretching over half a floor, incorporating everything from a shaving kit to a steamer trunk. Alas, I was unable to afford even the shaving kit. I slunk, humbled by my penury, back to my cubicle and my Remington Noiseless, which was older than I. A lasting impression had been made upon an impressionable youth.

And ends with:

Before my departure I had ordered two more cases in the new color, one of then a copy of the Case of Suits, and had left my old ones for renovation by their creator. Four months hence, all would be shipped to me. The cost was about double what I had paid in Rome sixteen years before, which, with inflation, still seemed like a screaming bargain. The mystery of who made both my old luggage and the new remains unsolved; Gabriella, lovely as she was, wouldn’t tell me.

My relationship with this luggage is now older than my second wife, and I have enough to last me until I am too old to travel. I have thought of being buried in the cases, but this would require dismemberment and shrink wrapping. On reflection, this is clearly the sort of luggage that should be passed on to a son. But I am childless.

We have decided to adopt.

This piece was written some years ago. The adoption failed, and my wife and I were subsequently divorced. We share custody of a Labrador Retriever, who travels light and, thus, does not require luggage. The Smithsonian is next in line.

Good story! Nice humour!

smallidea Cartoon courtesy Hugh


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