Four Pillars: What it means to micro enterprise + Web2.0 ( SHG2.0)

I am following J P Rangaswami’s interesting Four Pillar’s discussion.

On top of this Foundation are Four Pillars. Syndication, which pushes out information, subscribed to and personalised as needed. Search, which pulls in information, collaboratively flitered and preferenced and heuristically-improved as needed. [In both these cases information is acquired on a non-deterministic relevance and ranking basis, with training and learning being the basis of improving accuracy]. Fulfilment, which is the transaction process of discovering inventory and price for an interest, identifying the buyer and seller uniquely, exchanging value and proceeding with the logistics. Fulfilment is fulfilment for a book, a bed, a bond or a body. And Collaboration/Conversation, which is the “markets are conversations” Cluetrain glue that binds all this together.

A quick recap of SHG2.0 – it is a collobrative self organizing network of self help groups( micro enterprises) that are engaged in craft and artisanship. The idea is to leverage the power of web2.0 to empower the craftsmen and artisans to create products and services and compete with big businesses.

Four pillars is about information, how information is produced and consumed in the era where peer production assumes centre stage.

SHG2.0 is about craft and craft enterprises. It is age old and time tested ‘peer production’ equivalent of manufacturing.

With the emmergence of the four pillar/cluetrain age, manufacturing will also be influenzed by it. Craft based manufacturing will increase its share. SHG2.0 will become relevant with that development.

No time for Theory
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