BarCampMumbai is picking up Momentum

BarcampMumbai ready to rock on 13 may 2006.
Whyunconference Cartoon courtesy Hugh.

Sessions include:

“The Web 2.0 Paradigm: Design Principles for Smart Companies” – Rahul Gaitonde
Mobile Applications: A FOSS Model – Shantanu Oak
Mobile Computing: Thinking beyond the PC – Atul Chitnis
How Bloggers Make Money – Amit Agarwal
Web 2.0 Valuations – Ajay Sanghani, : IT Knowledge, Networking and Opportunities
Creating Wealth on Blogging+Business Networks – Ajay Sanghani, : IT Knowledge, Networking and Opportunities
Building RIAs with Flex and OpenLaszlo: my experiences – Nirav Mehta (Magnet)
The Common-ground Between Art and Technology: an artist’s perspective – Prayas Abhinav
ASP.NET seems to cripple traditional web programmers II – Vikas Yadav
TracBac – Design Collaboration Demo – Narain, 360 Degrees
Infinity Radio – Independent Music from India, on a FOSS platform – Kaustubh Srikanth and Shreyas Srinivasan


BarcampPune Dates are yet to be finalized.


-Balaji S.


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One Response to BarCampMumbai is picking up Momentum

  1. ishan says:

    i dont think i would need to say anything more then after u read the title ..

    with the director of linux international coming up as a barcamper..the barcamptechfest would be the most intensive gyan session a barcamper would ask for ..BarcampTechfest is the third one thats being held in mumbai and barcamp being a part of techfest and IIT Bombay and everything seems to fall into the rite place…the hub of the geeks and a time when IIT Bombay would be having as many as 30000 people coming up .. u cant as k for more ..

    be there at barcamptechfest.

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