Election: What to do?

It is the time of the year where you get to vote and exercise your democratic right/duty. Next monday, if everything goes well, elections will be on in full swing. I am from the Aalandur assembly constituency. Here there is a 3-point contest – With DMK, AIADMK and BJP.

DMK is a no-no coz the CM candidate is too old. It will be just a succession exercise.

AIADMK is no-no coz the present CM has done well, yet 10 years of power will corrupt. Not good for democracy.

BJB is no-no coz it is not a strong party in(TN) the first place. Too hindu right for me.

So what to do is the big question? No easy way out like Voting to the fesh and enthu Lok Paritrana folks. They are not contesting here at Aalandur/Nanganallur 😦

And what has this got to do with Joy of Innovation?
Well Joy of Innovation is about thinking differently/out of the box and solving society’s problem joyfully.

Now how do I address this choice problem?
Let me apply my mind and see what comes up?

Update: Yesterday when the results were out, I had this strange insight: Kapil Sibal in his interview in NDTV was saying that Not much advancement for Congress in state elections was kind of anticipated. On hindsight, without Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s victory, the Congress party at Delhi will not have a good excuse to celebrate with dance and crackers. Makes me wonder if the entire office of profit issue is engineered/hijacked to be a face saving device for Congress?

Update2: Today( May 18 2006) I read in the newspaper that Lok Paritrana is heading towards a split on accounts, inner party democracy and modus operandy issues. This is the problem when you are concpet based and abstract. Makes me wonder is corruption a binding force like water that holds the polity?
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One Response to Election: What to do?

  1. Manjunath says:

    What happened to Paritrana party?

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