Selling blogs to Dinos

An interesting cartoon by Hugh Titled Two questions

Two hypothetical questions:

1. “How do I use blogs to change the world?”

2. “How do I use blogs to preserve the status quo?”

I speak at a lot of blogging conferences and whatnot. Seems to me, as these gigs get more mainstream and corporate, I’m asked Question Two A LOT MORE than Question One.

Looks like there is a Civil War like situation here. Civil War sans violence or bloodshead. But will bleed the heck out of the status quo.
I am going to develop this civil war concept a little bit and try to offer answers to ‘Web2.0:What is the business model?’ Maybe I will call it Livic Flux reflecting the reversal of power( read attension) back to people.
The current popular models are a big joke like a corporate projection: There will be a huge demand for flags during a Civil War.
The dino analysts will miss the point of civil war as an opportunity to play Mahathma Gandhi of the era.


About labsji

I blog, Therefore I exist ! Funny things are funny to me. Cool things are cool to me. Innovations tick me. I attempt spirituality religiously :)
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