Blogging as opensource of ideas

I came across an interesting post by JP in his on going Four Pillars discussion.

If we accept that blogging is the opensourcing of ideas, then we need to expect returns from blogging that are consistent with opensource software. Let’s see how that plays out:

* Opensource models are open to inspection and are consequently better designed through criticism and error and modification; opensource ideas should similarly reflect learning through conversation
* Opensource models acquire best-of-breed characteristics through a democratised and intuitive “natural selection” process, a wisdom-of-crowds meets emergence and blink approach, learning through adaptation; opensource ideas should similarly reflect a mashing, a hybridisation, of different schools of thought
* Opensource models also provide some element of future-proofing, since non-hierarchical routes are used to set priorities and resolve conflict, and only non-hierarchical routes can avoid past-predicts-the-future innovator’s-dilemma tunnel-vision nonsense; learning through discovery of new things rather than rehashing of old, in ideas as much as in software

My take: there is a tricky mixup of abstract and the concrete. Idea is abstract. Open source artifacts( like code, docs, spec etc) are concrete.
First let me explain the abstract vs concrete mix up.
The relationship that binds blogges is ‘Hey your abstract and my abstract intersect! – let us keep in touch’. Whereas the relationship that binds the opensource project community is ‘We will join forces to make our lives easy- it makes sense to work as community rather than individuals’
And at a different level a mix up of individual vs collective.
Blogging is a celebration of individuality.
Whereas Open source is celebration of the collective. The processes are tuned to smoothen the individual qualities.

The post further goes on to say that

Control is The Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone knows it’s not there but no one says it aloud. If you need to have it you will never have it.

I guess business are starting to reflect life more and more. There is more and more realization of the validity of probabilistic nature of things over the (outdated)deterministic model.



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