Scary things at BarCampChennai

Normally I am not the one to get scared about rapid march of technologies and the way it affects the society, but I was scared of couple of things that came up at the BarCamp unconferencing event here at Chennai. Ganesh of was discussing deep details of how to do Search Engine Optimization to get a decent place in search engine results. Looks like someone interested needs to spend part of their life playing the ‘wag-the-tail’ game with Google and friends. I can imagine what will happen to my freedom when Google gets to offer other kewl ‘Free'( Now you know there is no such thing like free lunch) services that you cannot live without. Governments we can live with by paying the taxes. Google and friends we have to pay with life?!
This fear was further amplified by a post by Amit Agarwal a full time blogger who came all the way from Agra to attend Barcamp. The post highlights the viled threat by Google to 10K hits per day sites. I dont understand the full details, yet I am scared of the digital age erosion into freedom.
The other sacry thing that came up was Vijay Anand was porposing a comprehinsive citizen information database That even records every possible transaction. The scariest thing is Vijay is embarked on it with no profit intentions – he is ready to deploy his millions to boot it up. If it is business driven, it will fail on its own weight. His intent is commendable, yet as they say, path to hell is paved with very good intentions!
On the rocking side, there was a kewl intro by Kiruba and friends. And an interesting intro to Web2.0 by Narain The lunch was excellent. With lot of networking opportunities. I came across Arun from Bangalore, who I touched base after 13 years or so.

More to come!



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2 Responses to Scary things at BarCampChennai

  1. Vijay says:

    “scary” is one way to put it. 🙂

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