Ganesh Padmanaban – Web 2.0 Entrepreneur ahead of Web 2.0

Today I was talking to Ganesh Padmanaban of VoiceSnap and he was all passion about it as usual.

I was talking to him about the hip and happenning BarCampChennai where he is participating and the discussion sliped into web 2.0.

In his passion for VoiceSnap over the last 3-4 years he has missed all the development in the Web 2.0 space and was asking me what is this Web2.0 funda?

I was describing to him bits and pieces of web 2.0 like a visually challenged describing an elephant. More I say more Ganesh became excited as he was able to relate to the essence of Web 2.0 with VoiceSnap. When I said ease of use, targetting the non-techie is web 2.0, he said VoiceSnap is just that. When I said web 2.0 is about building small communities he jumped on it and said VoiceSnap communities are just that. When I said tagging is hot in Web2.0 he again jumped on it. When I said Web 2.0 business models are not yet stable, it is going towards free ad based + subscription based model and open to new models he jumped up and down and said VoiceSnap business model is just that. He was rolling out customer instances one by one and said how each one of the customers love his product – now it was my turn to say that that is a web2.0-ish.
So be warned BarCampChennai attendees, Ganesh is going to be there to talk endlessly about VoiceSanp – I will not be surprised if the organizers used force to shut him up – everything is 1-apart or less for VoiceSnap!



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One Response to Ganesh Padmanaban – Web 2.0 Entrepreneur ahead of Web 2.0

  1. Kapan says:

    Whats the concept behind voiceSnap?

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