Testing the Reader Editor setup in The Hindu

I am currently mulling over the possibility of leveraging web 2.0 for innovational empowerment. While at it, I am doing a lot of readup on web 2.0 and such. One of the promises offered is a way to make a difference when you are dealing with say a big established service provider.

There was a lot of hype about the Readers Editor appointment by The Hindu. So web 2.0-ish I thought. And today an opportunity to test it presented itself.

I came across an article by Mr Anand Parthasarathy in the IT Trends in The Hindu http://www.hindu.com/seta/2006/03/16/stories/2006031600131500.htm and I was amused by the suggestion in the opening:

WHEN INFOSYS Chief Executive Nandan Nilekini suggested to The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, about a year ago, that the world was increasingly becoming a level playing field, he was referring to the opportunities in the Information Technology services arena. The journalist in Friedman, morphed this remark into a catchy attention-grabbing phrase— `The World is Flat’ — which became the title of his best selling book, due to appear in its second edition, next month.

    Surely our friend Anand got the chronology wrong – the book was published in Apr 2005 – and must have been given a title much much before that! But a little bit of journalistic liberty is fine. What is IT reproting without some name droping!

But the statement

Infosys was the lone Indian IT corporate player in this partnership while the M.S. Swaminathan Foundation and the Indian end of the Development Gateway foundation had the onus of ensuring that a reasonably upbeat message about India’s global intentions was conveyed.

made me sit up. I am tracking Infosys ever since my early days at Infosys. I was not aware that Infy is into connecting the unconnected! Little bit of research into ITU web site http://www.itu.int/partners/projects/infosys.html shows that no such interesting things are happening. Our man Anand is just buttering up the PR hancho at Infy.

I have written an email to the Readers Editor of The Hindu bringing this to his notice. Let us see how this goes….

Cartoon cortesy Hugh


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One Response to Testing the Reader Editor setup in The Hindu

  1. labsji says:

    Today I got a reply email from the Readers Editor of The Hindu, Mr K Narayanan. So the system works!!! Too bad I hat to eat the humble pie: I stand corrected on the World Is Flat, Nandan issue as clarified by the Wired page http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/13.05/friedman.html

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