Devesh’s Car Jack on the Go

Devesh's Car Jack in operation at the Indian Science Congress 2006
Devesh Car Jack
Interacting with other innovators in stalls around me was an inspiring experience.One of the innovators was Devesh. He developed a car jack that is permenantly fit on the car itself. That way you can do minor servicing like tyre change hasself free.
The interesting aspect of the innovation is it is automatic. When you want to ‘jack up’ the car, you just operate the hydraulic valve in the bonnet, start the engine, press a control button in the dash board and ‘volia!’ the car is jacked up on one side. You want it jacked up on both the sides? Press another control and it is done.
This is very useful for ladies, disabled and lazy road warriors.
The ‘automatic’ is implemented using the car’s engine itself. That is why the engine is to be running while you press the button to jack the vehicle. The engine actually activates the hydraulic arrangement.
Devesh has several patents and working with several indian auto majors to get it factory fitted on their cars.
The hydraulic system has many built in safety features like inter-locking: The jack can be operated only when the bonnet is open, hand brake is applied.

Devesh can be reached at:
Mr Devesh Kulkarni
Satellite Garden, Phase II, L 301, III Floor
Gen A. K Vaidya Marg,
Filim City Road
Mumbai 400 063

Phone: 022 3960 7635

email: daveshk At


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2 Responses to Devesh’s Car Jack on the Go

  1. KewlFire says:

    Reminds me of what my Dad used to say…”Small things make perfection….but perfection is not a small thing”

  2. anil guptas says:

    interested in this product…pl send details on my mail with your contact numbers

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