Innaugration Day, thrills and the wait out side.

Oh Man, Prime Minister security is relly affecting my business in hand. At the security check we found that there are 2-passes needed the exhibitor pass and the delegate pass. I did’t have any – thanks to the online registration bungling by the organizers.

Laptops, camera and cell phones are not allowed! Simple. And I had all of them – some more than one too! A security person said – ‘It seems laptops have become cheap at Hydrabad’.

I was happy that I made the craft work and hung it porminently in the stall. I was happy I made the large prints and put it up in the stall. Even If I don’t demo it, still some aspects of my innovation will reach the beholder. I think it will stand out from the rest of the plastic and ‘sub contracted’ jazzy displays all over. And My exhibit will fit well with the theme of the conference.

The conference food was very good. It was a royal buffet breakfast. I’m yet to try the lunch. Now I’m hungry- I’ll get my bite!
Couple of days back the link to the Indian Science Congress was down due to bandwidth issues. Now it is up.


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One Response to Innaugration Day, thrills and the wait out side.

  1. sampath says:

    Good luck !! Have some unique attractions to attract more visitors

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