Indian Science Congress 2006

After a hectic week getting ready for the Indian Science Congress, I’m finally here. I landed up at Hydrabad yesterday. I’m very happy to get a good stall under the DSIR space. It is under Bharat Nirman hall. It is right at the intersection of the corridors connecting the several halls.

The registeration porcess was total chaos. No one knew what to do with the online registration. There was total lack of coordination and due to lack of coordination between the online payment and the ‘List’ they had.

Part of it is due to the ill adviced concept by ICICI bank that you can pay online or anywhere in India. It is like having a ‘Hundi’ ( Anonymous donation box – popular in many temples in India) in every point of presence of ICICI. But the organizers must know that to do things online they need lot more than just a hundi all over the world. They need to get the processes and procedures in place. And the exception handling mechanism/ command/responsibility mechanism.

One interesting aspect of it was, while I was running from pillar to post to get my ‘online registration’ validated, a heavy military truck pulled up and students were turning their heads and discussing about its content excitedly. Before I got a ‘verification’ of the online payment, the ‘Prithvi’ missile marked DRDO was all setup and ready for launch! Though I was annoyed with the online reg, I was very proud that the missile got set up quickly.

The food at near the exhibition hall was too expensive and too little. It was not tasty too.

With all the chaos it was an interesting day!!!

More as I get more time to blog!


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I blog, Therefore I exist ! Funny things are funny to me. Cool things are cool to me. Innovations tick me. I attempt spirituality religiously :)
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One Response to Indian Science Congress 2006

  1. labsji says:

    Looking forward for the Indian Science Congress 2007. Slated to be held at Noida.
    See you there

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