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Sap Killer Thingamy on Barely Repeted Process(BRP) for SAP Expansion?

From twitter I got an update from sig tipping about his new blog post on how SAP is missing its biggest opportunity. Reading and commenting on it I was not able to resist. But sadly, the typepad did not publish … Continue reading

Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged , , , , , | 3 Comments Is there a rescue camp around? Is there a rescue camp around? Originally uploaded by labsji is the most serious of the events yet by Knowledge Foundation. It was Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Optimization experts talking to each other in their own jargons at … Continue reading

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Social Objects: How about Trees as a Social Object?

Hugh MacLeod on Social Objects: “From Now on, If your marketing does not have Social Objects, It is Junk…“ I’m experimenting with the idea of Tree as a social object. Me teaming up with Stottpot is part of the plan!

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Make Tea Not War

By Evelyn Rodriguez

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Ifra Newsplex, Wiki at IfraExpo India 2007

I happen to visit IfraExpo India 2007 as part of checking out how my client, Universal Print System(Showcasing SCREEN CTP) is doing out there. My main motivation for visiting Ifra expo is to check out how Newspaper as an industry … Continue reading

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BlogDay2007: Chorus Repertory Theater

A Wholesome Multidimensional Experience Nine Hills One Valley by Chorus Repertory Theater performed at the MetroPlus Theatre Fest was indeed a Multidimensional experience. Here are the highlights of three of interwoven threads that many would be able to easily relate. … Continue reading

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BlogDay 2007: Serendipity is the new Geography

In the good old days, geography was the biggest factor that controlled what you can ‘find’ and access. Even with the advent of faster, cheaper, easier communication methods, the tight coupling between serendipity and geography remained. Mainly due to the … Continue reading

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Escaping Vishnu Trap, Embracing Bhrama Vishnu Shiva Cycle

Slowly the discourse in blogosphere is touching on the parallel between a live human and a live biz. The holy grail of biz being excellence, borrowing a few percepts from Religion/Spirituality(as in the pursuit of the highest in life) is … Continue reading

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Neil Foley: India Innovation Summit

Neil Foley: India Innovation Summit Originally uploaded by labsji Neil is an accomplished designer. Titan watches are designed by him. I was impressed by the (apple) fruit holder he designed ‘to unclutter’ the fruit bowl! The presentation was bit of … Continue reading

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Clarity from an year of Confusion

JP, Confused of Calcutta, refines his learning in The kernel of this Blog: Governments and firms are left feeling helpless, as central control diminishes and the power of the individual rises, and they need to recognise that bell curves now … Continue reading

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